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[FREE] Breath-Centered Yoga with Leslie Kaminoff DVD pdf, epub, mobi

Leslie Kaminoff,: Breath-Centered Yoga with Leslie Kaminoff DVD

Breath-Centered Yoga with Leslie Kaminoff DVD


Body. Breath. Mind. Discover what millions of yoga enthusiasts already know: Breath-centered yoga provides the ultimate total-body workout. Join Leslie Kaminoff, world-renowned instructor and author of the best-selling Yoga Anatomy, as he guides you through the postures, movements, and breathing techniques designed to improve balance, flexibility, strength, and mental clarity. Breath-Centered Yoga with Leslie Kaminoff includes four complete programs so you can experience the benefits anytime, anywhere. Best of all, you can do so regardless of your age, your body type, or even your previous experience in yoga. It is a personal session in your own private studio. Throughout, detailed instruction, breathing and movement cues, and expert advice combine to provide a deeper understanding of every pose. You will learn how to modify movements and tailor workouts to your body, your needs, and your goals. Additionally, the special programming feature allows you to sequence multiple routines for longer, more challenging, or more targeted workouts. With a host of features including five alternative audio tracks with specialized information (including an instructor-only track) and original music from Robert Spalding Newcomb, Breath-Centered Yoga with Leslie Kaminoff is the DVD for the ultimate at-home yoga experience. The DVD features four complete sequences: - The Flowing Sequence is a complete workout, from standing to final relaxation. - The Standing Sequence is a wake-up and warm-up for the feet, legs, and breath. - The Warrior Sequence is a strong vinyasa with no stress on the hands and arms. - The Floor Sequence is a relaxing cool-down for the spine and breath. Audio Commentaries: - Leslie: Advanced Alignment and Breathing Cues - Leslie and Megan: Modifications for the Curvy Body - Leslie and Kate: Finding Strength in Flexibility - Leslie and John: Real Men Can Do Yoga - Leslie and Nadiya: Caring for Joints and Bones This DVD is intended for play on any standard DVD playing devices. It is not a DVD-ROM.

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Author: Leslie Kaminoff,
Number of Pages: none
Published Date: 07 Sep 2010
Publisher: Human Kinetics Publishers
Publication Country: Champaign, IL, United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9780736092357
Download Link: Click Here


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